Menanti Matahari Terbit: Saat Jam 6 Kurang Menghadirkan Antisipasi Dan Keindahan Alam

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  • Mei 16, 2024

Jam 6 Kurang: Understanding the Concept and Its Implications

What do you mean by Jam 6 Kurang?

Jam 6 Kurang is an Indonesian phrase used to describe a common habit of arriving late to an appointment or event. Translated to English, it means less than 6 o’clock. The term is often used humorously to refer to the Indonesian cultural norm of being fashionably late. It highlights the relaxed approach to punctuality in the country and reflects the laid-back nature of Indonesians when it comes to time management.

How does Jam 6 Kurang manifest in Indonesian society?

Quia - Jam berapa?
Quia – Jam berapa?

In Indonesian society, being fashionably late, or Jam 6 Kurang, is deeply ingrained in the culture. It is not uncommon for people to arrive up to an hour late for social gatherings, meetings, or appointments. This behavior can be attributed to various factors, including traffic congestion, socializing before an event, or simply a lack of emphasis on punctuality. While this relaxed attitude toward time may cause inconvenience for some, it is generally accepted and even expected in many social settings.

What is known about the implications of Jam 6 Kurang?

The concept of Jam 6 Kurang has both positive and negative implications. On the positive side, it fosters a more relaxed and flexible approach to life, allowing people to prioritize personal connections and social interactions over rigid schedules. It creates a more laid-back atmosphere and provides an opportunity for informal networking and bonding. However, from a practical standpoint, this cultural norm can lead to inefficiencies, wasted time, and frustration for those who prioritize punctuality and rely on a structured, time-sensitive approach to their daily lives.

How can the impact of Jam 6 Kurang be addressed?

While Jam 6 Kurang is deeply rooted in Indonesian society, individuals and organizations can take steps to address its impact. Firstly, setting clear expectations and communicating the importance of punctuality can help mitigate the habit of arriving late. Employers and event organizers can emphasize the need for punctuality and enforce stricter policies to encourage timely arrivals. Additionally, improving infrastructure and transportation systems to reduce traffic congestion can contribute to better time management. Education and awareness campaigns can also play a role in gradually shifting cultural attitudes toward punctuality.


Jam 6 Kurang reflects the laid-back approach to punctuality in Indonesian society, where being fashionably late is accepted and even expected. While this cultural norm has its benefits in terms of fostering personal connections and creating a relaxed atmosphere, it can also lead to inefficiencies and frustrations for those who value punctuality. By setting clear expectations, improving infrastructure, and raising awareness, the impact of Jam 6 Kurang can be addressed to strike a balance between flexibility and timeliness in Indonesian society.

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